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VZ Gimbal Grip

VZ Gimbal Grip


  • Tool-Free Clamp Mechanism 

  • Allows Fine Adjustment of the Gimbal Position

  • Easy "Drop Time" Sled Adjustments

The VZ Gimbal Grip features a tool-free clamp mechanism located in a position that does not interfere with an Operator’s hand placement. It also has a unique collet assembly that acts at the intersection of the three gimbal axes and incorporates a mechanism which allows fine adjustments of the gimbal position.


Operators have the ability to fine tune the “drop time” of the sled as well by simply twisting a ring.


*For Operators with the original PRO Gimbal – Please note: changing to the VZ Grip simply requires shedding the clamp mechanism in the original PRO Gimbal, your whole bearing section simply dropping on to the VZ chassis. 


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