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Dear Steadicam Operator,

As a steadicam operator I am sure you recognize the importance of owning reliable equipment.

The PRO was created in 1992. The express purpose of the new system was to improve the reliability of the equipment. This objective was accomplished by making use of sound engineering principals and state of the art electronic technology.

The biggest advantage of the PRO System is the ruggedness and the fact that it requires little maintenance. The system has proven itself in the most extreme conditions on thousands of feature films from the Sonoran desert to the Pacific Ocean to the sub-zero climate of the Arctic Circle. 

Therefore we are constantly seeking feedback from operators and doing intense field testing of each design idea. Some fail and some succeed. 

The successful ideas have allowed us to simplify the function of the camera stabilizing system-revolutionizing the ease with which it is used. These improvements have enabled operators to spend less time working on equipment while on set and more time with the Director and Director of Photography. To date there are PROs in operation throughout the world as operators have recognized the advantages of our system. If you are in the market for a new rig, I would recommend you contact a few PRO operators to get a firsthand objective opinion about our system.

We would like to thank all of our loyal, great, hardworking customers. We are nothing without you.


Jack, Michelle, Talon, Dominic, Jeff, Aliya and Chris

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