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Titan Arm

Titan PRO Arm


  • Highest Standards of Strength & Rigidity

  • Extremely Versatile Weight Range

  • Paired with Blue and Black Spring Canisters

  • Modular, Simple, Reliable & Easily Maintained in the Field

      TITAN ARM CAN LIFT:  13-72 lbs (6-32.6 kg)

       ARM WEIGHT: 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg)

       BOOM RANGE: 24 inches (60 cm)

    *Note: The Gray spring canisters are used only on the Atlas Arm.

The Titan is the same PRO Arm workhorse with a new name since we introduced the new Atlas Arm. It incorporates the finest materials and structural design principles in order to achieve the highest standards of strength and rigidity. A Departure from traditional tensioning methods in the Titan has resulted in minimal friction and a force curve designed to complement an operator's instincts. The Titan PRO Arm is modular, simple, reliable, and easily maintained in the field. It is easily configured to accommodate a wide variety of load requirements using Blue and Black spring canisters only. With the ability to use any paired configuration (2 or 4), the weight range is extremely versatile, ranging from

13-72 pounds.


TItan Weight Ranges2.jpg


The PRO Arm offers the operator the ability to customize the weight capacity of the arm for each situation, from the lightest 16mm set ups or visceral super light 35mm action work to the fully loaded 35mm sync sound rigs.

Experienced operators will appreciate the ability to use lighter capacity springs in the arm when a lighter weight camera is used. This will reduce the “springiness”  feeling usually associated with heavyweight arms when used with lighter setups. Now the user can pick the best spring combination for the shot.

No other system offers this range of flexibility in a single arm design.

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