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Betz Top Stage

Betz-Tools Top Stage


  • "Ouick-Lock" Camera Mounting Platform

  • Absolute Vibration-Free

  • Fine Adjustment in Two Axis (Self-Retaining)

  • Comes With A Universal Dovetail Plate

  • Integrated Bubble Level

    WEIGHT:  1.2 lbs (540 g)

     SIZE: 5.1"(13cm)x4.7"(12cm)x1.4" (3.5cm)

The Betz-Tools Stage Top features quick, safe and easy mounting of the camera via the QuickLok fastener for the universal dovetail plate with safety lokpin. The universal dovetail plate is manufactured to fit on any camera


The Stage Top offers fine adjustments for the camera, with knobs on both sides. The adjustment is also self-retaining which means no clamping is required. 


It also features a built-in reference bubble level and standard 15 mm rods for mounting accessories.


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