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Inovativ Ranger


  • Lightweight Aluminum Foundation 

  • Fully Adjustable & Tool-Free Design

  • 10” of Height Adjustable Shelving

  • Hydraulic Disk Brakes

  • Avg Assembly/Disassembly Time: 30 Sec

  • Mid-Size Payload Capacity: 1,000 lb

      3 AVAILABLE SIZES:  30, 36, 48

With nearly two years of R&D behind it and our immense drive for perfection, the Ranger might just be the best utility cart to hit the market in recent years.


We designed it from the ground up, giving the Ranger a lightweight aluminum foundation accompanied with CNC’d wheels and accessories to shave every ounce without compromising durability. We then applied Inovativ’s unique SLAS system giving the Ranger over 10” of height adjustable shelving further adapting its applications to each user. Furthermore, with the addition of hydraulic disk brakes and the smoothness of our own 100% sealed bearing wheel system, the Ranger is the purest form of what an equipment cart should be.


Three Sizes Available: Ranger 30, Ranger 36, Ranger 48


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