Cine Monitor HD Evolution


  • Eight Models From 6 inches to 15 inches

  • Full Sun or Interior Shooting

  • Features Added Regularly

  • 1 Frame Delay or Less

  • User-Friendly Interface & Direct Access Keys

The CinemonitorHD Evolution family currently includes eight models from 6" to 15" size to shoot in full sun or interior, one 15" Studio-only model and six 3D models from 10" to 15" size. When first introduced in 2008, it received the Superior Technology Award at the National Association of Broadcasters show. Thanks to its evolutive design, features are regularly added to accommodate new cameras and provide new tools. The monitors can usually be updated to the next generation, keeping your equipment current and investment lasting.


Featuring Transvideo's proprietary technology with Real Frame Rate processing the CineHD provide true monitoring of existing in-camera images with 1 frame delay or less.

The SuperBright models (6", 8"), Enhanced SuperBright (6", 8", 10", 12", 15") and X-SBL (6", 8") are designed to be used in full sun without hood while maintaining rich details in both the dark areas and highlights. The CineHD can be set in 2 operating modes either for viewing in full sun or for indoor. The 15" Studio model is designed for interior work: in Calibrated mode, it is a reliable color-reference monitor.


With a very user-friendly interface, intuitive menu and direct access keys, the Operator’s attention remains on the image rather than on the equipment. The CineHD Evolution monitors are packed with all the functions the user will ever need.



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