Optical Support

Donkey Box Gen IIIS


  • Tool-less Coarse Adjustment

  • Fore/Aft & Side/Side Controls 

  • Improved Camera “Safety” Mechanism

  • Increased Bearing Engagement 

  • Tool-less Camera Mount

    *Donkey Box Gen IIIS top shown to the left.

The Donkey Box IIIS is an OPTICAL SUPPORT Product from the UK  featuring cross roller bearings which, by their line contact and increased length of engagement, multiply the stiffness of the D-Box IIIS, and allow smooth, easy movement fore/aft and side/side. Operators have access to each of the four mounting screws at once, without the need to adjust the fore/aft or side/side controls and regardless of the mode you are operating in (high, low, left, or right). The fine thread lead screws and captured lead nuts enable the operator to make small, accurate adjustments whenever needed.


The Donkey Box IIIS has a drop in/out feature and an independent safety mechanism, so that in the event of a failure in the locking mechanism, the camera is still secure when the safety lever is in place.


Operators can also complete a tool-less rough adjustment of the camera, via the clamp lever located on the right side and also a quick change from hi to lo-mode.


    *Donkey Box Gen IIIS bottom shown to the right.


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